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Companionship Care

You may not currently need help with your personal care, but instead need some support with other more social tasks, such as shopping or attending a regular club or activity.  Loneliness can be a big problem for the elderly and other individuals in the community and our team of kind, compassionate Support Workers are here to help.

When it comes to companionship care everyone’s needs are different. We’ll work with you to assess what help you need and create a home care plan that’s just right for you.

Our team of reliable, highly trained Support Workers are available to help you with a huge range of social tasks. They are trained to respect your privacy and promote your independence at all times, so you’ll be able to get the companionship and help you need. 

All our staff are kind, compassionate and experienced in helping people with a large range of needs. We always try to match your carer to you personally, as we believe a good relationship is essential for your care to be a success. You’ll get to know your carers well and build a strong relationship with them.

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Budgeting for your care

For more information about being cared for in your own home and the cost of care, pop your email in here or call 01945 669 779.